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Best Ways to Tastefully Include Color in Your Typical, Classic Women’s Wardrobe

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The fashion world is a beautiful place, full of opportunities for free and creative expression. However, it’s also a place with a lot of rules. Some of these rules make perfect sense, like “Less is more” (for accessories and exposed skin) and “Invest in quality pieces.” Others, however, are made to be broken, like “simple blacks and whites are more sophisticated than colors.”

While a classic women’s wardrobe should make ample use of white shirts, little black dresses (LBD), and other neutral pieces, a pop of color never hurt anyone. Adding new shades to your closet can breathe life into your favorite old pieces and give your look more vibrancy and fun! Here’s how you can tastefully add to your wardrobe’s colors.

Start Small

The easiest way to bring some new hues into your style is with accessories, like your shoes, handbag, or jewelry. Trust us, these subtle elements will brighten up your whole outfit without making you feel like you are too bold.

The next time you throw on an LBD or a plain white tee, consider dressing it up with a colorful pendant necklace or a pair of statement earrings. If purses are more your style, find a bag in a funky, vibrant color that makes you smile. These accessories also add texture and dimension to your ensemble, ensuring you look totally put together. What’s more sophisticated than that?

Pick a Palette

Some of you might be reading this and thinking, “Vibrant? Funky?! Not in a million years!” That’s perfectly fine — every woman has her own personal style, and if fuschia and turquoise aren’t for you, you don’t have to wear them. If you’d like to stick to a more neutral palette, consider adding muted colors into your classic women’s wardrobe.

Instead of wearing a black or grey sweater with your favorite jeans, try an olive green or rose pink top. Pastels and toned-down, dusky hues can add some variety to your wardrobe in a subtle way.

Of course, if you want to wear something bold and eye-catching, go for it! However, as we mentioned earlier, your age can play a factor in which wardrobe colors you choose. Just as you may not feel comfortable in a miniskirt past a certain age, some shades (hot pink, for example) are better suited for cute little girls than beautiful, mature women. Leave the Crayola colors to the kids and wear something more understated and elegant!

Go Monochromatic

If you’re looking to make a real fashion statement, nothing says it louder than a bold, monochromatic look. Dressing in one color from head to toe is a simple way to let your fashion sense shine — and collect a few dozen compliments while you’re at it!

Playing with monochrome styles is also a great way to quickly learn how to wear color. When you’re wearing one shade at a time, you’ll easily discover which tones look best against your skin. In practically no time, you’ll know exactly which wardrobe colors you should add to your closet.

The next time you go shopping for some classic women’s wardrobe pieces, mix it up and grab one in an unexpected hue. Swap out your black dress for one in emerald green. Skip the navy pantsuit and try one in deep maroon! By adding color to styles you already love, you’ll be able to focus more on finding your perfect shade.

Play with a Print

Many boutique shirts feature some kind of fun, playful print. This style is a staple of the classic women’s wardrobe — it’s a fun, easy way to show off a little fashion flair. But by bringing color into your closet, you can add another level of boldness and creativity to this everyday look.

Let’s say you’re wearing a simple white blouse with a lovely floral print. While a top like this can certainly make for a classy everyday piece, you can amplify your print by learning how to wear color properly. How do you choose which shades to use? Simple: look at the print you’re wearing!

Choose one color from your printed top — maybe green for the leaves on the flowers, maybe the colors of the flowers themselves — and select accessories in that shade. This will give your outfit a little more brightness and excitement, while still giving you a polished overall look.

Dress Boldly

What is the key to a truly classic women’s wardrobe? The answer depends on who you ask: some women would say that simple, timeless pieces are essential, while others think it’s important to keep abreast of the latest trends. Some keep a uniform of similar wardrobe colors, while others have a veritable rainbow in their closets. And here’s the best part: every one of those ladies is exactly right!

Every woman’s taste is unique, but there’s one thing every fashionista has in common: she wears her style with confidence. If you hold your head high and own the outfit you have on, you’ll always look more chic and stylish — even if you’re just learning how to wear color! Whether you’re wearing subtle shades or something bright, always wear it with a bold attitude.





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