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Tricks to Finding Tops You can Wear to Work and at Home

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Turn to Boutique Tops Online

boutique tops onlineInvesting in versatile clothing you can wear for a stylish workplace look and still be comfortable and chic at home is a tricky balance. We’re all about cute and trendy clothing that’s both affordable and professional. Browsing boutique tops online can be overwhelming, thanks to the many different styles available, but we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites that we know you’ll love.

If you’re tired of wearing the same old pantsuits and are looking to be more creative (and comfortable) with your workplace attire, you’ll love some of our suggestions for keeping things fresh. Continue reading to uncover some of our favorite tips for identifying women’s business tops that are simple to style for a number of occasions.

Ribbed Layering Tunics

Ribbed Layering TunicsThere’s something classic and lovely about essential tunics. The ribbed texture of some of our favorites adds some extra dimension and classiness to the pieces. Browse affordable boutique tunic tops to find a range of styles and colors that you can creatively pair with your work trousers, blazers, and more. These tunics are the perfect option for work because they are super flattering and manage to look polished, while still being soft and non-restrictive.

We recommend stocking up on neutral-colored boutique tops online, like white and black, for more conservative workplaces. With a well-fitting cardigan or blazer layered over top, you’ll look flawless and professional. For more liberal office settings or casual Fridays, colorful and printed tunics can also be a fantastic option. Finally, in addition to relying on sleeveless tunics for layering under blazers year round, we also love incorporating the occasional long and 3/4 sleeve options during the fall and spring. Add a fun statement necklace to women’s business tops for some extra personality.

Sweet Boutique Cardigans

Sweet-Boutique-CardigansNo matter the season, we’ve worked in plenty of workplaces where it gets downright chilly! That’s why we always keep a go-to cardigan at our desks, ready to cover up when the air conditioning is ratcheted up just a few degrees too far. Opt for cardigan boutique tops online that match well with a variety of ensembles or swap out your desk apparel to match with the season! These are classic professional wear and so comfortable that they’re perfect for at-home, casual outfits, too.

When you select yours, make sure to be conscious of the fit. The perfect workplace cardigan isn’t too loose or too tight. You want it to create a flattering proportion that complements your work pants or skirt without appearing too baggy or sloppy. The same pieces will work great at home, whether you’re whipping up a gourmet dinner or simply lounging on the couch and binge-watching your favorite show.

What’s great about shopping for boutique tops online, like cardigans, is you’ll be investing in well-made pieces that will keep their shape and vibrancy when cared for properly. They can also add a welcome pop of color without being too loud in the office. For some added elegance, look for details like ribbing or cute bronze buttons to make your cardigan stand out at work and at home!

Pristine Ponchos

Pristine-PonchosWhile fashionable layers at the office are a great option any time of year, there’s nothing like being a bit cozier during fall and winter. During these cooler months, we’re all about incorporating a poncho or trendy turtleneck sweater into our wardrobe rotation. You can find us scouring boutique tops online to find the best office-ready options! These pieces have the comfort of a casual sweater, but the turtleneck style is one of those unconventional women’s business tops that make you an office style icon!

Be sure not to go too casual with your choice of turtleneck sweater or poncho to keep your look professional, but have fun with your styling choices. From sleek tall boots and fitted office pants or a long sleeve blouse layered below in a complementary color, these fashionable boutique tops online are a lovely and out of the box choice!

Needless to say, a cozy poncho or turtleneck sweater is also what we live in at home! Just don some leggings and slippers and there will be no need to change during a relaxed day inside. We love this choice for a cute look for a day of baking with the girls or chatting next to a firepit while roasting s’mores!

Luxe Oversized Vests

Luxe-Oversized-VestsPlay with proportion in style when you layer a basic blouse or tunic with a luxurious looking, oversized vest! Keep the rest of your work ensemble simple with traditional colors and silhouette so this statement piece can truly shine. Look for women’s business tops that have a bit more personality and allow you to show off your stylish side. Choose vests from boutique tops online that are simple in design, but feminine enough to show off some subtle elements like ruffling or a hi-low hemline.

Opt for lighter, more kimono-like styles in the spring and cozy up with thicker styles in the fall and winter. A vest can be the perfect finishing touch for an atypical office outfit.

Finding boutique tops online that can serve dual purposes allows you to get major bang for your buck. See what we at Jenny Boston Boutique have to offer online today!


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