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You can’t have Just One: Trendy Handbags to Add to Your Collection

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Handbags and Classic Purses

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Find that perfect balance of function and fashion with some of the latest designs in women’s handbags! From classic purses to modern crossbodys, there are endless styles to choose from. We love the fun of mixing and matching our favorite ensembles with our most-loved classic handbags, as well as discovering new pieces that add more depth and trendiness to our looks.

We’ve definitely been guilty of buying a purse we love in just about every color, but lately, we’re all about branching out and experimenting with new, fun styles. Get the statement piece you’re wardrobe is craving with some of the best women’s handbags currently on the market.

Chic, Everyday Tote

large grey toteWe love the comfort of having a simple tote that goes with absolutely everything in our closet. The ideal bag is large enough to carry all your essentials, as well as professional enough to bring to the office. It’s also adorable enough to bring when you meet up with friends for happy hour and durable enough to withstand being lovingly tossed or hung throughout the day.

The everyday tote is truly one of the classic purses that’s an absolute must for every woman. Colors like black, brown, and slate grey are great options to give off a polished and demure look, no matter where your day takes you. There are plenty of styles with some extra personality and unique details as well, such as subtle studs, leather handles, or colorful linings to help the piece stand out.

Modernized and Traditional

soft pink vest

The functional and lightweight traditional handbag is perfect for grabbing brunch with the girls or going on a shopping spree! These classic purses have been a staple in women’s wardrobes for decades, and they have undergone some serious contemporary updates in recent years!

Some of the best women’s handbags that are flying off the shelves have a touch of the traditional, but modern, designs and details that set them apart. Another popular trend right now includes subtle embossing of cute designs, like cacti or pineapples, or delicately embroidered images for a more personal touch.

No matter what color or style your traditional handbag is, we know it will look fabulous cradled in your elbow as you shop for produce at the farmers’ market or strut into a job interview.

Resort-Ready Straw Crossbody

round cross-body purseClassic purses with a resort-ready twist have made their way into ladies’ regular wardrobes, thanks to straw crossbodies that are all the rage! This style adds a little dose of that vacation feeling into a casual ensemble.

These are perfect for a beach day, a concert, or a summer road trip, and you can add them to your favorite sundress and sandals or simple jeans and a tee.

Crossbody bags have always been a closet staple, but the straw material adds a super fun and modern twist. If we close our eyes, it almost feels like we’re relaxing on a tropical island right now!

Bohemian-Inspired Bags

Among the the best women’s handbags are designs that have a casual, slouchy feel to them, thanks to their bohemian-inspired details. These pieces feel effortlessly chic and instantly add an element of carefree trendiness to nearly any ensemble. They look great with a fun accessory like a lovely scarf or fedora. Add a cute bomber jacket to perfectly complement these classic purses with a retro twist.

large black handbag

Boho styles can be more subtle or dramatic — from small fringe accents to full-on crocheted pieces. Whether you’re gearing up for a music festival or simply looking for a carry-all, consider adding a boho chic bag to your closet!

Geometric Clutches

studded clutch

Often used as an elegant option for more formal nighttime engagements, clutches are a minimalist approach to handbags that we’ve always appreciated. These classic purses have typically served as a subtle, complementary accessory to evening gowns and cocktail dresses, but we love that they’re making their way into the mainstream with cool new patterns and designs more suited for daytime.

Geometric patterned clutches are the epitome of casual, trendy, and chic style that adds some edge and flair to your ensemble. Additionally, a simple clutch can hold basics, as the best women’s handbags do, while still managing to be compact and easy to carry. They look great with simple outfit styling, allowing them to truly shine as your statement piece.

The Unique Weekender

weekender handbagWhen you’re packing for a weekend getaway — whether it’s a couple summer nights at a lake house or a road trip to visit your friends or family— sometimes you just need to bring the essentials. A great weekender bag is sturdy and versatile, allowing you to treat it as both a must-have accessory and absolute must-have for short term travel. Packing a suitcase is an art form in itself, but there’s something about the weekender that brings the allure of classic purses into a chic, carry-on size.

These bags only come out once in a while, so why not have fun with your reliable weekender bag? Opt for a design that’s large enough to fit your clothes, makeup, shoes and more; but maintains its shape well and looks super cute! These bags are a great way to show off your personality, so go for an interesting design or graphic to add something special to your getaway.

Add one these handbags to your ensemble, and you will have that complete put-together look without much effort! What’s your favorite bag for daily use? Tell us in the comments below!

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